Greyhound Racing Betting Systems

What started out as “coursing” in 19th-century England has transformed into the immensely popular greyhound racing of today. The high-speed excitement of this game makes it perfect for gambling on the dog you think will win. Interested in joining the greyhound racing culture? Read on to learn more about its history, rules, and betting.

History of Greyhound Racing

The greyhound has been celebrated for its gentle nature and nimble speed, making it both a perfect pet and a perfect racing dog. While greyhounds were originally used to course (or track) deer and other game, they soon became competitive hare coursers, chasing rabbits using their keen sense of sight. Modern greyhound racing was introduced almost a century ago, during the 1920s.

What Is Greyhound Racing?

These days, greyhounds race around an oval track, chasing a windsock in place of the motorized hare decoy that had been used in the past. Commercial greyhound racing is enjoyed in eight countries, and (like horse racing) betting is one of the main draws to the sport. Like any game, there are a few strict rules: for example, performance-enhancing substances are prohibited. However, most tracks adopt their own, unique rules for the game.

How to Bet on Greyhound Racing

Betting on greyhound racing is a form of legalized gambling that many fans enjoy. The betting odds for greyhound racing typically change frequently leading up to the race, so you’ll want to be aware of any adjustments before you place your bet. Most bets are “place bets”, where you bet on a dog and hope he or she finishes in one of the top spots. Some bets take the form of “forecast bets”, where you get to choose which dogs you think will finish first and second. Of course, you’ll want to be cautious when backing a dog that hasn’t raced in awhile – you want to make sure your champion is fit and ready to win.

Greyhound racing has been around for almost a century and still offers fans ample opportunity to bet and enjoy the thrill of the chase. Be sure to study and perfect your betting strategy before hitting the track and you’ll be on your way to a gambling victory in no time!

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